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Thank you for partnering with us to spread the gospel and minister to those in need 

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What are Tithes & Offerings?

Many people use the word “tithe” when speaking of any church-related giving, however, the English word tithe, literally means “tenth.”

The Israelites were required to give a tenth or “tithe” of all their increase as an acknowledgement for what God has provided.  It was a reminder to Israel that all things belong to Him and was a show of thankfulness for His provision.

Offerings, are different from tithes, they are considered gifts given in addition to the tithe.


Technically tithes and offerings are two different practices of giving but are often spoken about together. 


What Did Jesus Say?

Jesus talks about tithing in the gospels, His instruction is that they should not neglect tithing, but rather focus on other things of importance.  

Throughout Jesus’ teaching on giving, He never did away with the principle of tithing, He did, however, encourage people to practice their giving in meaningful ways.

(Matt. 6:1-4; Matt.v23:23; Mk 12:41-44;

Luke 11:42).


What is a "Good" Offering?

Apostle Paul encourages the Corinthian church to give generously by relating it to the principal of seed time and harvest. Meaning if they put out a lot of seed, they will receive a large harvest.

God loves a cheerful giver; therefore, nobody should give reluctantly or resentfully, but we give out of the love and abundance of our heart believing our resources are used by the church to impact both our communities and provide aid for those abroad


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