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Our Mission

  ​Bringing the lost to Christ, developing disciples and equipping them to create change. 

Welcome to 
Living Water

Living Water was called forth by God in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic to reach those via internet as a result of the nationwide lockdown. The desire was to continue to feed the people of God while churches were transitioning from a physical building to an online presence.

Church doors have since opened but we endeavor to now worship together in person and still maintain our digital footprint. 


As a young church we seek to have a big impact with outreach events that positively impact our community.  Our diversity can be attributed to many military families who have chosen to worship the Lord with us each week.

We believe in the power of God’s word and the operation of His Spirit to draw the lost to Jesus Christ.

LW Worship

About us

Living Water is a church that seeks to create an atmosphere of worship where people from all places and all backgrounds can find rest in the presence of God.

Without compromising the scriptures, we present Jesus in a way that is “real” and relatable so that you will grow in Christ and operate in your purpose.

Pastor Allen
Lady Ellasin
Eric L. Allen

Senior Pastor


Ellasin Allen

First Lady


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